Janina & Antoni Sapiecha with people & family in Australia

janina sapiecha sings a song with henry & antoni in pic at donna-lee wedding www.sapiecha.com

Janina Sapiecha [Donna-lee’s grandmother] does an impromptu song at Donna-lee-Sapiecha [Eyers] wedding.

Henry-Sapiecha- WITH PARENTS @ DONNA-LEE- WEDDING-karens-house image www.sapiecha.com

Antoni & Janina Sapiecha with son [Me] Henry Sapiecha at Donna-lee Sapiecha [Eyers] My eldest daughter, marriage day in Toowoomba Qld Australia in the garden setting of Donna-lee’s mother Karen Francin Margaret Cuskelly Sapiecha

Sapiecha-Ashgrove-Brisbane-Qld FAMILY GROUP PARTY-image www.sapiecha.com

Antoni & Janina Sapiecha centre stage in a family gathering in Ashgrove Brisbane QLD Australia. From left to right. My brother Anthony Michael Sapiecha- Mr Brooker the then husband of my sister Sabina Sapiecha-Ross owers husband of my sister Helina Sapiecha is behind my mother. My father Antoni Sapiecha next to my mother in red.My son Arron Bradley Sapiecha-Then me Henry Sapiecha [ The Kenny Rogers look-a-like] with the blue shirt & trimmed beard. My cousin Marek Tulyeko-Jan son of my mothers sister from Poland.

Then we have the gorgeous young boys from left to right as yet to be identified.

The event will be disclosed as I get the info…


Another Sapiecha family gathering in Ashgrove Brisbane QLD Australia.

From Left to right rear>

Mr Brooker husband of Sabina Sapiecha – Helina Sapiecha sibling of Henry Sapiecha & daughter of Janina & Antoni & Janina Sapiecha in this pic.-Ross Owers husband of my sister Helina Sapiecha- Karen Francis Margaret Sapiecha wife of Henry Sapiecha- & mother of Donna-lee- Shara-lee & Aaron Bradley children of Henry Sapiecha

Front row left to right.>

Sabina Sapiecha [Brooker]-Janina Sapiecha- Antoni Sapiecha Parents of Sabina, Helina, Regina, Henry & Anthony.Sapiecha.

tony-&-henry-sapiecha-MUM POP-image www.sapiecha.com

Happy times with my brother & parents in a pic at Ashgrove Wardell St Brisbane Qld Australia.

Left to right> Anthony Michael Sapiecha-Janina Sapiecha-Antoni Sapiecha-Henry Sapiecha- {Long haired Henry ]The two sons Anthony & Henry of parents Janina & Antoni shown in this image

janina & antoni sapiecha with family members in wardell st ashgrove brisbane qld image www.sapiecha.com

henry sapiecha with parents janina & antoni sapiecha image wardell st ashgrove brisbane image www.sapiecha.com


Henry Sapiecha

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