I have a lot to say about my dear brother who I absolutely loved.When it is appropriate & timely I shall add my comments herein in his loving memory. He is now in fishing heaven

tony-michael-sapiecha-holds-baby image

Tony Sapiecha holds child.Yet to determine name of child and when/where pic taken.ABOVE.Henry-&Tony-sapiecha-at-tonys-ashgrove-home-brisbane image

Henry Sapiecha visits his brother Tony Sapiecha at Tony’s house on the front verandah at Ashgrove Brisbane Qld Australia..ABOVEhenry & tony sapiecha talk image

Tony Sapiecha visits his brother Henry Sapiecha at Gold Coast holiday home QLD.Australia.Aged in their twenties & both engaged in own businesses employing people.ABOVE.

tony sapiecha sits with shane eyers image

Shane Eyers sits with Tony Sapiecha at a family bar-b-que.Details yet to come.ABOVE.TONY DOMI + image

Tony & wife Domonique Sapiecha sit with family & friend ABOVE.Details yet to comeTONY SAPIECHA & DOMINIQUE AT KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY 26-5-1985 photo

Tony & wife Dominique Sapiecha @ kids birthday party.ABOVE.Details yet to cometony-sapiecha-&-suzy-cuskelly-at christeneing-of-henry-sapiechas-child image

Tony Sapiecha with Suzzane Cuskelly at Henry Sapiecha baby’s christening ceremony. ABOVE..Details yet to comeMEMORIAL-PIC-TONY-Sapiecha image

The sweet smiling face of our dearest family member Anthony Michael Sapiecha.ABOVE.TONY S THE FISHERMAN MEMORIAL PIC

The fishing legend that was Anthony Michael Sapiecha.ABOVE.

tony-sapiecha-with trimmed-beard image

Affectionately called ‘Tony’

There is so much I am going to publish in this site about my brother Tony Sapiecha who was the most beautiful person in my world. God bless his kind & beautiful soul. I cried when I posted this post & cry every time I read it.

He kept his pain to himself. He did his crying in the rain. MISS YOU BROTHER.


Henry Sapiecha

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