This section shall be added to as I get more information to post here.

In the meantime I have posted here some basic info with a photo of the ship Dundalk Bay which brought the Sapiecha migrants to Australia in the year 1950..

Migrant Selection Documents for Displaced Persons who travelled to Australia per Dundalk Bay departing Bremerhaven 6 September 1950 <<?? Left before it arrived??

SAPIECHA Antoni born 23 October 1923; Janina born 11 December 1926; Henryk born 8 October 1946; Regina born 1 March 1948

Sapiecha, Janina Polish born 1926 – arrived 27 June 1950 aboard Dundalk Bay – husband Antoni and children Henryk, Regina and Anthony


The Dundalk Bay. She was built as the cargo ship Nurnberg in germany 1936. During WW2 she was converted to a repair ship for the German Navy.In May 1945 she was captured by the British in Copenhagen and converted into a depot ship.In 1947 she was transferred to the MOT and in 1948 sold to H.P.Lenaghan of Belfast and renamed Dundalk Bay. In 1949 she became an emigrant ship for service from Europe to Australasia. In 1951 she reverted to a normal cargo ship. In 1957 she was sold to Duff Herbert & Mitchell of Liverpool and renamed Westbay sadly on 2nd September 1962 she arrived in Hamburg for breaking up. later i found this # i remember the Westbay being laid up in Albert Edward Dock in the river Tyne for many years early in the 1960’s. there was a note of Chinese buyers being interested in her in 1961 but the following year she was broken up in Hamburg


Henry Sapiecha


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