Top 10 Pearls of Wisdom from the World’s Oldest Dad

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This year for Father’s Day, we hosted Israel Kristal, the world’s oldest living man, who live-tweeted fatherly advice from the @MyHeritage Twitter account.

Israel, who will be 113 in September, currently holds the title of the world’s oldest man, making him also the world’s oldest father. We couldn’t have chosen a more experienced person to dispense sage wisdom.

Here are the top 10 pearls of wisdom he shared with us:

1.”Set aside special time for your kids weekly, with no distractions. You won’t regret it! When I was younger, I would work very long days at my confectionary business. I always made sure to keep the weekends free for my children.”

2. “No matter how rich you are, going to work every day teaches your children a strong work ethic. If you go every day to a job that you love, then you’ll find happiness, even if it’s hard.”

3. “Be a role model for your children by showing respect to others and your surroundings. Teach them to do everything in the best way possible, and to give it their all.”

4. “Understand that no matter what example you lead for them, your children will make their own decisions in life. Let them take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. It’s part of growing up.”

5. “You don’t have to be loud to be heard by your children. There is power in silence. When children have understood what they’ve done wrong, that’s usually halfway towards the solution.”

6. “Let your kids make mistakes. Warn them about the difficulties, but let them learn for themselves. Don’t scare them too much about what could be. Instill confidence in them.”

7. “Share your favorite things with your kids. I love fishing and I hope that I’ve passed that on to my children.”

8. “The most important things I taught my children were to be stand-up human beings, to be sensitive to others, and to never lose hope.”

9. “Teach your children about their family, so they’ll appreciate where they’re from. When the children were young, my wife would tell them bedtime stories about different family members.”

10. “Regrets? I don’t have any regrets in life. Maybe just not spending even more time with my family. Take advantage of every moment!”

What’s your favorite piece of fatherly advice?



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Looking up the family tree

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Looking down the family tree

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* Australian Bureau of Statistics


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