As this is a work in progress I am attempting to put together the history of the Sapiecha family beginning with the arrival of my mother & father [Antoni & Janina] to Australia.

The following is some pics of my father

Henry Sapiecha


Antoni Sapiecha as an immigrant to Australia had to find work to support his family in a new land with little English language skills. Working as a leading hand in the Brisbane City Council water department. Above you see him sitting down with a hat on.

Other persons are yet to be identified in due course. Please advise if you know. Thanks.

antoni-sapiecha-with-owers-family-husband-of-helina-sapiecha-daughter of antoni-sapiecha www.sapiecha (1)

antoni-sapiecha-with-owers-family-husband-of-helina-sapiecha-daughter of antoni-sapiecha www.sapiecha (2)

Antoni-Sapiecha-with-Owers-family-husband-of-Helina-Sapiecha-daughter of Antoni-Sapiecha. ABOVE..PLACE [BRISBANE] QLD AUSTRALIA & DATE YET TO BE DETERMINED.


Antoni Sapiecha drives in Brisbane whilst I took this photo of him above.He was so proud of his car & he maintained it meticulously. Place- Ashgrove. Brisbane. Queensland Australia.

antoni-sapiecha-with-family-friend-mrs-dolan-@-Janina-sapiecha-funeral image


tony antoni & henry sapiecha sit in ashgrove ave brisbane house image

Antoni Sapiecha centre with his 2 sons Anthony Michael on the left & Henry Sapiecha on the right.[Me] Place Ashgrove Brisbane Qld home of Antoni Sapiecha. Date unknown.


Antoni Sapiecha centre with his 2 sons Anthony Michael on the left & Henry Sapiecha on the right & grandson Aaron Bradley Sapiecha[son of Henry Sapiecha] between myself & my father Antoni. Birthday celebration. Place Ashgrove Brisbane Qld home of Antoni & Janina Sapiecha. Date around 1980-81.

antoni -with-son-anthony-michael-sapiecha & TONY

Anthony Michael Sapiecha [Younger brother of Henry Sapiecha] with father Antoni Sapiecha. Brisbane Qld Australia. ABOVE.. Date ?

Antoni Sapiecha,Helina,Karen Sapiecha with kids sept 1984 image

Antoni Sapiecha, Helina Sapiecha [Owers] with kids, Karen Sapiecha with kids September 1984  . Place Ashgrove Brisbane Qld Australia


POPS FUNERAL CARD inside image

ANTONI SAPIECHA FUNERAL MEMORIAL SERVICE PRAYERS & CARD 9th January 2003 @ Brisbane Queensland Australia

May he be at peace with his maker-God bless you POP as we affectionately called him

**If anybody has photos [or information] of my father Antoni Sapiecha either by himself or with others [or his Polish family] please send me a copy >>>> HERE

Henry Sapiecha



I have a lot to say about my dear brother who I absolutely loved.When it is appropriate & timely I shall add my comments herein in his loving memory. He is now in fishing heaven

tony-michael-sapiecha-holds-baby image

Tony Sapiecha holds child.Yet to determine name of child and when/where pic taken.ABOVE.Henry-&Tony-sapiecha-at-tonys-ashgrove-home-brisbane image

Henry Sapiecha visits his brother Tony Sapiecha at Tony’s house on the front verandah at Ashgrove Brisbane Qld Australia..ABOVEhenry & tony sapiecha talk image

Tony Sapiecha visits his brother Henry Sapiecha at Gold Coast holiday home QLD.Australia.Aged in their twenties & both engaged in own businesses employing people.ABOVE.

tony sapiecha sits with shane eyers image

Shane Eyers sits with Tony Sapiecha at a family bar-b-que.Details yet to come.ABOVE.TONY DOMI + image

Tony & wife Domonique Sapiecha sit with family & friend ABOVE.Details yet to comeTONY SAPIECHA & DOMINIQUE AT KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY 26-5-1985 photo

Tony & wife Dominique Sapiecha @ kids birthday party.ABOVE.Details yet to cometony-sapiecha-&-suzy-cuskelly-at christeneing-of-henry-sapiechas-child image

Tony Sapiecha with Suzzane Cuskelly at Henry Sapiecha baby’s christening ceremony. ABOVE..Details yet to comeMEMORIAL-PIC-TONY-Sapiecha image

The sweet smiling face of our dearest family member Anthony Michael Sapiecha.ABOVE.TONY S THE FISHERMAN MEMORIAL PIC

The fishing legend that was Anthony Michael Sapiecha.ABOVE.

tony-sapiecha-with trimmed-beard image

Affectionately called ‘Tony’

There is so much I am going to publish in this site about my brother Tony Sapiecha who was the most beautiful person in my world. God bless his kind & beautiful soul. I cried when I posted this post & cry every time I read it.

He kept his pain to himself. He did his crying in the rain. MISS YOU BROTHER.


Henry Sapiecha

Janina & Antoni Sapiecha with people & family in Australia

janina sapiecha sings a song with henry & antoni in pic at donna-lee wedding

Janina Sapiecha [Donna-lee’s grandmother] does an impromptu song at Donna-lee-Sapiecha [Eyers] wedding.

Henry-Sapiecha- WITH PARENTS @ DONNA-LEE- WEDDING-karens-house image

Antoni & Janina Sapiecha with son [Me] Henry Sapiecha at Donna-lee Sapiecha [Eyers] My eldest daughter, marriage day in Toowoomba Qld Australia in the garden setting of Donna-lee’s mother Karen Francin Margaret Cuskelly Sapiecha

Sapiecha-Ashgrove-Brisbane-Qld FAMILY GROUP PARTY-image

Antoni & Janina Sapiecha centre stage in a family gathering in Ashgrove Brisbane QLD Australia. From left to right. My brother Anthony Michael Sapiecha- Mr Brooker the then husband of my sister Sabina Sapiecha-Ross owers husband of my sister Helina Sapiecha is behind my mother. My father Antoni Sapiecha next to my mother in red.My son Arron Bradley Sapiecha-Then me Henry Sapiecha [ The Kenny Rogers look-a-like] with the blue shirt & trimmed beard. My cousin Marek Tulyeko-Jan son of my mothers sister from Poland.

Then we have the gorgeous young boys from left to right as yet to be identified.

The event will be disclosed as I get the info…


Another Sapiecha family gathering in Ashgrove Brisbane QLD Australia.

From Left to right rear>

Mr Brooker husband of Sabina Sapiecha – Helina Sapiecha sibling of Henry Sapiecha & daughter of Janina & Antoni & Janina Sapiecha in this pic.-Ross Owers husband of my sister Helina Sapiecha- Karen Francis Margaret Sapiecha wife of Henry Sapiecha- & mother of Donna-lee- Shara-lee & Aaron Bradley children of Henry Sapiecha

Front row left to right.>

Sabina Sapiecha [Brooker]-Janina Sapiecha- Antoni Sapiecha Parents of Sabina, Helina, Regina, Henry & Anthony.Sapiecha.

tony-&-henry-sapiecha-MUM POP-image

Happy times with my brother & parents in a pic at Ashgrove Wardell St Brisbane Qld Australia.

Left to right> Anthony Michael Sapiecha-Janina Sapiecha-Antoni Sapiecha-Henry Sapiecha- {Long haired Henry ]The two sons Anthony & Henry of parents Janina & Antoni shown in this image

janina & antoni sapiecha with family members in wardell st ashgrove brisbane qld image

henry sapiecha with parents janina & antoni sapiecha image wardell st ashgrove brisbane image


Henry Sapiecha