Five teenage girls killed in fire at an ‘Escape Room’ in Poland

Police confirmed that five teenage girls have died and a man was injured in a fire at an Escape Room location in Koszalin, Poland.

Five women have died during a fire at an escape room (an adventure game in which players are trapped in a room and have to solve puzzles to get out) in Poland..MORE>

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Issues about Poland’s Proposed Ban on the Term “Polish Death Camps”

If the bill, passed by Poland’s lower legislature last week, becomes law, it would become illegal to suggest that Poles were complicit in the Holocaust

Late last week, Polish lawmakers granted initial approval to a law that has sparked grave concerns among Israeli officials and Holocaust historians.

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These women tell their story in the polish language with English sub-titles.

I recollect my mother telling me many such similar German nazi atrocity stories

Zabno, a small town in Southern Poland, was a haven for Jewish families until WWII broke out. In this moving report, we hear the disturbing stories of people who experienced Nazi cruelty first hand and see just how fresh the wounds left by the Final Solution still are.

Although many Jewish people from the former Krakow Province of Zabno were mass transported to concentration camps such as Belzec, this moving film focuses on those who were left behind – murdered in their own gardens and buried in unmarked graves, and the lucky few that managed to escape. But were they really lucky? Through startling and frank accounts of their experiences, a small group of surviving women recount how they suffered terrible beatings at German hands and watched with horror as their families were taken away to their deaths. “From that moment everyone thought about leaving the town”. Yet even for those who escaped, their ordeals were far from over. “You could say animals lived in better conditions,” one woman recalls, remembering the filthy barn she shared with nine others for over two years. The atrocities they suffered are only made more potent by the passing of time: “The worst thing is, we know we’re the last generation of witnesses.”


Henry Sapiecha


I have a lot to say about my dear brother who I absolutely loved.When it is appropriate & timely I shall add my comments herein in his loving memory. He is now in fishing heaven

tony-michael-sapiecha-holds-baby image

Tony Sapiecha holds child.Yet to determine name of child and when/where pic taken.ABOVE.Henry-&Tony-sapiecha-at-tonys-ashgrove-home-brisbane image

Henry Sapiecha visits his brother Tony Sapiecha at Tony’s house on the front verandah at Ashgrove Brisbane Qld Australia..ABOVEhenry & tony sapiecha talk image

Tony Sapiecha visits his brother Henry Sapiecha at Gold Coast holiday home QLD.Australia.Aged in their twenties & both engaged in own businesses employing people.ABOVE.

tony sapiecha sits with shane eyers image

Shane Eyers sits with Tony Sapiecha at a family bar-b-que.Details yet to come.ABOVE.TONY DOMI + image

Tony & wife Domonique Sapiecha sit with family & friend ABOVE.Details yet to comeTONY SAPIECHA & DOMINIQUE AT KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY 26-5-1985 photo

Tony & wife Dominique Sapiecha @ kids birthday party.ABOVE.Details yet to cometony-sapiecha-&-suzy-cuskelly-at christeneing-of-henry-sapiechas-child image

Tony Sapiecha with Suzzane Cuskelly at Henry Sapiecha baby’s christening ceremony. ABOVE..Details yet to comeMEMORIAL-PIC-TONY-Sapiecha image

The sweet smiling face of our dearest family member Anthony Michael Sapiecha.ABOVE.TONY S THE FISHERMAN MEMORIAL PIC

The fishing legend that was Anthony Michael Sapiecha.ABOVE.

tony-sapiecha-with trimmed-beard image

Affectionately called ‘Tony’

There is so much I am going to publish in this site about my brother Tony Sapiecha who was the most beautiful person in my world. God bless his kind & beautiful soul. I cried when I posted this post & cry every time I read it.

He kept his pain to himself. He did his crying in the rain. MISS YOU BROTHER.


Henry Sapiecha