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Aug 20, 2016 – THE LEW SAPIECHA FAMILY MEDIEVAL PALACE IN POLAND … Gate’ [the Gate of Dawn] and, later it was named ‚Aštra’ [in Polish: ‚Ostra’, …
Neglected during the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, over the last several years’ Polish castles and palaces have began to regain their former glory.

A princely return: the Sapiehas at the Royal Castle – Radio Poland ……/56276,A-princely-return-the-Sapiehas-at-the-Royal-Castle
Oct 5, 2011 – Prince Michal Ksawery Sapieha, who emigrated from Poland in 1945 … Poland’s Stalinist secret police led a raid on the archbishop’s palace in …

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Jun 12, 2012 – One of Poland’s finest castles may be returned to a Polish prince, … Prior to the war, the castle belonged to Prince Leon Sapieha, who later …

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Sapieha Family, original name Sopiha, princely family, important in Polish … Wojtyła spent the rest of the war in the archbishop’s palace, disguised as a cleric.

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Jul 28, 2014 – Polish photographer Patrycja Makowska takes incredible images of derelict buildings but refuses to divulge their location.
Jun 7, 2013 – Milicz is a small township locates in the province of Poland called …. to Stawiec was connected with the tunnel from the palace of Sapiecha …

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When German troops marched into Poland, all of the city’s Jews were moved to the Ghetto. … The Raczynski and Sapieha Palaces are also well worth a visit.

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They are usually situated in such picturesque places as Werki, Zwierzyniec, ….. During Lithuanian and Polish rule from 1413, the high-ranking administration ….. the former Sapiecha Palace and Church of Jesus Christ (Stryjkowski, l. c., I, 473).


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The House of Sapieha (Belarusian: Сапега; Lithuanian Sapiega) is a Polish princely (magnate) … The Sapieha family used the Polish coat of arms namedLis”. Lis coat of arms. Original arms of the Princes Sapieha. Later arms of the Princes …

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Prince Adam Stefan Stanisław Bonifacy Józef Sapieha was a Polish cardinal of the Roman … Created Cardinal, 18 February 1946. Personal details. Birth name, Prince Adam Stefan Stanisław Bonfatiusz Józef Sapieha. Born, (1867-05-14)14 …

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Sapieha Family, original name Sopiha, princely family, important in Polish history, that was descended from Ukrainian boyars subject to Lithuania.

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They are relatively new and bare the names St. Jerski, Aleksandrowski and …… the former Sapiecha Palace and Church of Jesus Christ (Stryjkowski, l. c., I, 473). ….. Due to Witold’s vast connections, not only with Poland but also with Ruthenia, …… While Lew Sapieha was still marshal of the Lithuanian Court he added two …

The genealogy and history of the Kiedrzynski family.

Nov 7, 2015 – son of Stanislas Poniatowski King of Poland, and Marianna Iwanska (Magdalena …. but Prince Sapieha did not recognize them, by giving the name “Cichoccy” ….. This Society had a close connection to the Franco-Masons and the …… of Magdalena Agnieszka Sapiecha 1739 – 1780 – daughter of Antoni …

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Stanisław II August Poniatowski, King of Poland was brother of Michał Jerzy Ludwik ….. Above named Napoleon WALEWSKI 1802 – 1835, owner of Pstrokonie, …… 1732 takes in the pledge the Weiss-Pomusz estate from Carolina Sapieha …… 1806 was already in the country, in Volhynia and Podolia, in connection with …

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Lenin’s Revolution 1917 – Polish independence in 1918, part 5. ….. His father name Фома that is Foma Koziell Poklewski, officer in Polock and was born ca 1780. …. From Piirsalu, Läänemaa east of Haapsalu, connected to Mari Masing and …… in 1729-1735, was the eldest son of Alexander and Catherine Anne Sapieha.

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Little by little the Polish language replaced Old Belarusian, especially in … The names of implements, coats of arms, clothes, and others were ….. In this connection, the ….. daughter Aĺžbieta married the chancellor of the GDL Leŭ Sapiecha in 1599. …. Pavel Vojna gave evidence that his wife Aĺžbieta’s father Mikolaj Sapieha.

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Children: Władysław Leon Adam Feliks Sapieha H. Lis and names of 5 more children … Family Trees. Bartkowski in Polska witryna rodzinna, managed by Włodzimierz Bartkowski …… Search Connect™ – Searches by MyHeritage Members.

Fallen Soldiers2 – Soviet Invasion of Poland

Please mention this website and the exact list the name appears on. …… Group will be linked to that of the 1st British Airborne Division in connection with the memorable battle at Arnhem.” …… Sapieha (Sapiecha), Florian, kapr., 6(7).6.42, ?


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