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Monarchs of Poland over the centuries

Uploaded on Sep 11, 2009

Poland has a long and colorful royal history. Since the 9th Century Poland was ruled by dukes, high dukes and kings at various times. Sometimes hereditary the Polish monarchy was more often elective, the throne often passing back and forth between competing forces. From 1386 to 1572 the Jagiellon dynasty provided the Kings of Poland and Grand Dukes of Lithuania. After that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth came into being and was, for a time, a major force in central Europe at one point even threatening to dominate Russia. In 1795 it all ended with the partition of Poland between Prussia, Austria and Russia. During World War I the Germans and Austrians set up a Kingdom of Poland under a regency but after their defeat a new republican Poland was established.


Henry Sapiecha

The mighty Polish Hussars annihilate the armies of Russia and Sweden * Mohylev 1581 & Kircholm 1605

The winged Polish Hussars were a fearsome sight like angels on horseback


Henry Sapiecha

Catholic Poland crushes the Soviet invasion on Europe, A.D. 1920 MOVIE

Published on Nov 25, 2014

AD 1920. The Polish people puts up an epic defense of the country against the invasion of the Soviet Union. The special words of gratitude to Cardinal Achille Ratti, the ambassador of the Holy See to Poland and the future Pope Pius XI, who was the only diplomat in Warsaw that didn’t flee the city during the Bolshevik siege in August 1920.

The most heartfelt words of gratitude to the most faithful and genuine friends that Poland has ever had:

– to The United States of America, to President Woodrow Wilson personally and above all, to the heroic volunteers from the U.S. Air Force, who came to defend Poland from the communist doom led by the voice of the heart .

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”, John 15,13

– to The Republic of Hungary, which did their best to come to the aid of fighting Poland with the 30,000 strong army. Unfortunately, the Czechoslovak government refused to grant permission to the Hungarian Army to transit through her territory. Against all odds, in the nick of time, the Hungarians managed to dispatch to Poland several trains loaded with Hungary-made Mauser rifles, field kitchens, artillery and heavy machine guns that allowed to form a few fully equipped divisions, which had a tremendous impact on the final outcome of the war.

– to The Republic of France and

– to The United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland for their substantial logistic support.


Filmowy collage historyczny oparty na filmie J. Hoffmana “Bitwa Warszawska 1920”, uzupełniony przeze mnie o informacje na temat bitwy w języku angielskim, ma jedynie cele edukacyjne a nie komercyjne. Pełen film jest objęty prawami autorskimi i jest dostępny na płytach DVD.

W scenach epilogu wykorzystano fragmenty z defilad w dniu 15.08.2014 i 15.08.2007.

This video is based on the movie, “The Battle of Warsaw 1920”. The entire movie is available on DVDs and BRs. The epilogue contains the video fragments of the military parades from Aug.15,2014 and Aug.15,2007.


Henry Sapiecha