11 memories you have when you grow up in Poland


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Hi to the fans of the Sapiecha Family network..

My name is Henry Sapiecha & I am the administrator & owner of this site.

henry sitsDONNA'S WEDDING HS (1)

Henry Sapiecha with his father Antoni Sapiecha at Henry’s daughter [Donna-Lee] marriage to Shane Eyers in Toowoomba Qld Australia

The information to be published in this official Sapiecha family site is compiled from family records & anecdotal accounts from the Sapiecha family members.

Sometimes there are problems with gaining such information from family members because of whatever reasons.

Currently I have had serious problems in gaining information from my sibling sisters about our parents parents [A & J Sapiecha]. This can be easily overcome as they appear to know nothing anyway. We have the resources to get accurate info from other family members about the Sapiecha family & I shall publish these articles as they are provided.

It just appears that the sibling girls of mine have their noses out of joint with the Sapiecha clan because they have married into other families & are no longer part of the Sapiecha clan.

We will just continue our pursuit of information into the Sapiecha clan regardless



Henry Sapiecha